“Wax Sterilization Tank”, which prevents bacteria and spores in the wax. With the “Wax Sterilization Tank”, the wax is boiled under 120 degrees and 1 atmosphere pressure, and then wax in the sterilization tank are transferred by air pressure within 2-3 minutes. The melting system is electrical, heat transfer oil (Thermoil) and digital controlled.

140KG / 240KG
All electric systems are able to adjusted by control pannel.
Control Panel: Wax Thermometer, Digital Heat Control , Melter Tank(Heater).
Power Supply: 380V
Power Consumption: 9 kW/Hour.
Electrical Panel: Phases, Wax Thermometer, Tank Thermometer, Power
 Temperature Sensor with the max range of 150°C.
Inox 304 Stainless Steel Electrical Panel
 Electrical Heating with Heat Transfer Oil 32
The internal and external body of the tank is 2.5mm, 3mm Inox 304 Stainless Steel respectively.
Inox 304 Stainless Steel
Designed for 120°C and 1 bar.
10mm-thick pressure and heat resisting top lid.
Transoil Filler Cap, Release Valve, Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge, Air Inlet Valve, Air Regulator, Venting Device, Handles, Discharge Valve, . Transoil Discharge Valve
Heat Isolation
Buckled bottom and top plate
Food Hose with Resistance
The product release is provided by air pressure with food hose.
Thermoil CAPACITY 140KG: 60lt & 240KG: 90lt

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