Bee Feed Machine namely “Fondant Machine”. Granulated sugar(Beet) and %10 water are boiled at 120°C degrees and transferred to the machine. By means of the shock method, pure hygiene and HMF-free bee feed are obtained. Filling system: The desired quantity could be adjusted with electronic load cell system without error and effortlessly, the operator only changes the bag

Fondant ‘Bee Feed’ Machine
Production Tunnel: Inox 304 Stainless Steel
Mainbody: Inox 430 Stainless Steel Sheeting.
Control Panel: Phases, Motor, Water Control, Water, Manual Filling, Automatic Filling
Water pressure indicator with electronic controlled water control system.
Inox 304 Stainless Steel Electrical Pannel
Programable Digital Indicator
Product cooling is provided with mains water. (Optimal 9°C-14°C)
Power Supply: 380V
Power Consumption: 3 kW/Hour
Production Capacity: 100-120kg/hour.
Pneumatic Filling Valve, 3-6bar
 Filling Start is provided by pedal or start button.
 Air controlled additive tank
 Loadcell, 0-50kg weighing capacity, precision scales
Lpg Gas Melting System Tank (250lt. Capacity)
 Capacity 250lt/200kg Sugar
 Heating System: LPG.
Inox 304 Stainless Steel Sheeting on interior.
Inox 430 Stainless Steel Sheeting on exterior
Ventil Heater on Valve

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