“Sterilization Tank”, which prevents bacteria and spores in the wax.

With the “Sterilization Tank”, the wax is boiled under 120 degrees and 1 atmosphere pressure, and then wax in the sterilization tank are transferred by air pressure within 2-3 minutes.

Our standard production capacities are 150 kg and 250 kg. Depending on demand 500 kg or 1000 kg can be produced. The melting system is electric, heat transfer oil (Thermoil) and digital controlled.

Pressure Sterilization Tank for M1&M2
Capacity 150-250-500 kg/h
Walled 3 walled isolation
Shape Circular
Material Special Stainless Steel (Inox-304)
Heating The heating system is powered with automatic digital control electricity 9 KW/380 V.
Heating Type Electrical, Heat Transfer Oil(, Optimal Degree 120 C
Valves Emergency Valve
Venting Device
Discharge Valve
Optimal Pressure 1 Bar
Packing ISPM-15 wooden case
Weight (net) 110kg
Weight (Gross) 150kg
Price* 150kg:  Please send e-mail to info@pet-mak.com
250kg:  Please send e-mail to info@pet-mak.com
500 kg:  Please send e-mail to info@pet-mak.com
Delivery Term FOB or FCA ISTANBUL